It similar to ActionCreator on Flux. It also become transaction script.


Almin internal handle an event as payload object.

payload object must have type property.

    "type": "type"

is a minimal payload object.

    "type": "show",
    "value": "value"

payload object also have other properties.


It is introduced from v0.10~

PayloadMeta object is together with payload object.

PayloadMeta object has some information about the payload object.

  • timeStamp: time stamp(Unix time)
  • useCase: What is UseCase related this?
  • dispatcher: What UseCase dispatched this?
  • isTrusted: Is the payload object generated by Almin?


Dispatcher is a EventEmitter-like class.

It use dispatch(payload)/onDispatch((payload) => {}) instead of on("key", ...args)/emit("key", ...args)

  • onDispatch(payload, meta): Function
    • listen dispatch event and return un-listen function.
  • dispatch(payload): void
    • dispatch event with payload object.


Store manage state object and it can be observed.

View observe store and update UI.


StoreGroup is a class that is collection of store. StoreGroup wrap stores and it is a just single Store.


Flux is the application architecture for building client-side web applications.


CQRS stands for Command Query Responsibility Segregation.

CQRS split that conceptual model into separate models - Command(Write) model and Query(Read) model.

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