Hello World

Previously, you have seen components of almin.

examples/introduction is simple Hello World app that show the components in a single file.

"use strict";
// Hello World in a single file
import { Context, Dispatcher, Store, UseCase } from "almin";
// Store that has the state
class CounterStore extends Store {
    constructor() {
        this.state = {
            name: "No Name"
    // receive payload from UseCase#dispatch
    receivePayload(payload) {
        if (payload.type === "HELLO") {
                name: payload.name

    // return own state
    getState() {
        return this.state;
// UseCase
class HelloUseCase extends UseCase {
    execute(name) {
        // Dispatch payload ---> CounterStore
            type: "HELLO",
// Context is communicator between Store and UseCase
const counterStore = new CounterStore();
const context = new Context({
    dispatcher: new Dispatcher(),
    store: counterStore
// View
const render = () => {
    // Update view with state
    const state = context.getState();
    document.body.innerHTML = `<div>
      <h1>Hello ${state.name}!</h1>
      <input id="js-name" placeholder="Your name"/>
      <button type="submit" id="js-button">Hello</button>
    // Execute UseCase
    document.getElementById("js-button").addEventListener("click", () => {
        const name = document.getElementById("js-name").value;
        // execute HelloUseCase with name arguments.
        context.useCase(new HelloUseCase()).execute(name);
// If the store's state is changed, does call render
// Initial render

:warning: Real example

examples/introduction prefer to concept of components than correctness for implementation.

You want to know real implementation and see other examples.

You can see actual example in Creating Counter App and other examples.


Overview of almin-architecture

This hello world not say all thing of Almin.

  • UseCase is also entry point of domain model
  • Domain is business logic on your application
  • StoreGroup can handling multiple Stores
  • Store can apply reducer pattern like Redux
  • etc...

If you want know these, please see TodoMVC tutorial and other examples.

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